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Michael Cooney


PO Box 278

Friendship, ME 04547 USA


I’m re-learning how to do this website stuff, so bear with me. For most of my life I was a Meandering Wastrel but am now completely retired, ‘cept for increasingly rare gigs for old friends, etc. In order to get ready for a performance I must practice every day for a couple of months, and there are too many other things that need attention around here. (I AM starting to practice for a small set at the Tucson Folk Festival [on May 4] because I’m going back to My Old Home Town for a reunion of members of the folk music club I joined back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.) Above picture is from my last Arizona visit -- beautiful poppies all over the hills in February!

I intend to put a lot of stuff on this site including recordings for you to download. And some thoughts and ideas on Folk Music and The Business, etc. Also, at the urging of several old friends, some stories from my earlier daze.

I still have recordings for sale (and the Recordings page seems to work!) Or email me at:  mc {at} michaelcooney.com  and I’ll send you a list. (I don’t put my actual email address because “harvesting” programs will pick it up and send me zillions of SPAM. You’re a smart person; you can figure out my address.)

There will be good stuff from The Friendship Letter, a newsletter I published (from here in Friendship, Maine) for several years. It featured hints and tips and information of all kinds; some I found, some readers sent in. Plenty of opinionating, too.  More soon.

May The Farce be with you,

Michael Cooney

Michael Cooney