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Michael Cooney


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I’m not a complete atheist but I do believe that nobody knows what God is (if there is a god), let alone what God wants. So, in my opinion, anyone who says:

“I know what God wants”*  is a liar.

                               *(i.e., God wants you to kill those people.)

And anyone who says:

“I know what God wants; give me money...”  is a crook.

If there is an entity that created the Entire Universe, they definitely don’t need anyone to do their “work”. People who claim to be doing “God’s Work” are fooling you. Probably fooling themselves*, too. These people are self-appointed, certainly NOT appointed by God.

* Maybe it goes like this: Someone thinks, “I must spread the Good News about my religion!” and starts preaching. Soon he discovers that he has the gift of gab and people flock to hear his message, want to touch the hem of his garment. He begins to think that God choose him to spread the word. (Forgetting that he chose himself.) Then he thinks, “If God chose ME, I must be Very Special indeed. Therefore, I deserve a better car (white Cadillac), better clothes (Rolex watch, with diamonds), pretty girls...” Slippery slope.

I believe that if God wanted us to know something, she would tell EVERYONE at the same time, not whisper it into the mind of some delusional egoist, who usually asks you for money soon after Revealing the Message.

Quote from a kid: “Faith is believing something you know isn’t true.”

People should do their religion without anything of value changing hands. If someone is religious, let ‘em have an honest job and do their religion at other times, for free. Doing religion for money is preying on people’s fears for personal gain. Do your religion for free. As soon as you start asking for anything, it’s no longer religion. It’s business -- show business.

I recommend the movie “Marjoe”; Netflix has it.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by superficial charm, pathological lying and a diminished capacity for remorse. Many psychopaths are drawn to business (where they become CEOs), politics and religion.