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Michael Cooney


PO Box 278

Friendship, ME 04547 USA

Here are some pixtures (as they say in Philadelphia) because Zeke reminded me this page was empty.

Don McLean, Dale Appleman, MC before Don's wedding MC 2007 by Dennis Santoro MC and Barbara Dane, 1963 Monterey Folk Festival MC at Fox Hollow Festival late 1960s MC, Helen Schneyer, Tony Barrand, John Roberts at Phila? F.F. MC and John Jackson MC and Sam Chatmon MC and Pete Seeger at 1963 Berkeley Folk Festival MC where? when?

Holding microphone for John Jackson’s guitar at a folk festival.

2007. I look a little like this now.  Photo by Dennis Santoro.

With Sam Chatmon at a folk festival - can’t remember which.

Asking Pete Seeger a question at the 1963 Berkeley Folk Festival (My first; the best.) My canvas banjo case was made from instructions in Pete’s book How to Play the 5-string Banjo. (It was stolen, with the banjo and a fretless banjo, out of my van in Washington DC long ago. Sigh.)

At Philadelphia Folk Festival (?) with Helen Schneyer, Tony Barrand and John Roberts.

I wasn’t hired at the 1963 Monterey Folk Festival but Barbara Dane brought me up as her “accompanist” and gave me half her concert spot. Boy, could she Sing The Blues.

At Fox Hollow Folk Festival, late 1960s

MC studio shot by Doug E..?

Don McLean, Dale Appleman and me, before Don’s wedding, for which Bill Spence, [Joe Williams?] and I played the music.

Where?  When?  I dunno.  This is here because Margot likes it.

Fancy studio picture from 1998 (?). Photo by Doug E... (I’ll find it.) With great thanks to Sharon Burton.

Rowing around in me Pirate Ship a “few” years ago. (Well, slow me down!)