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Michael Cooney


PO Box 278

Friendship, ME 04547 USA

HINTS, TIPS and such

For about fifteen years I published a little “sporadical” newsletter, The Friendship Letter, containing hints, tips, fun stuff, miscellaneous information, whines and rants which I came across or made up or which were sent in by subscribers. Some of it was quite good. I’ll be going through back issues and extracting what I consider to be the best stuff. Here are some examples to get started:

THE EGG CAME FIRST. Answer to the age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Once upon a time, there was something which was not a chicken; it laid an egg out of which came a chicken. This is how evolution works. I read recently that eggs were around hundreds of thousands of years before chickens were. (If you’re a “Creationist” who believes that there’s no such thing as evolution, the chicken came first. Wooo – that makes us either “Egg Firsters” or “Chicken Firsters” plus a hefty population of people who say, “Huh?”)