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Michael Cooney


PO Box 278

Friendship, ME 04547 USA


I am just about completely retired now, but here’s this from my old website until I completely hang up my skates. If I have to travel by air, I no longer carry all of the instruments below. (I sometimes wonder how I managed to carry ‘em all, plus a suitcase, in the old days.)


 "Pleasant change to see professional who can entertain on musical ability alone." - Bermuda Sun


Real folk songs, old popular & novelty songs, found songs of wit & wisdom. (See partial list below.)

"The nation's most consummate, versatile interpreter of traditional music... an encyclopedia of songs and stories.    This one-man folk festival is a must to see." - Chicago magazine


Interesting and amusing introductions to songs, traditional tales and story-songs, funny old recitations, monologues and Maine humor.

"Michael Cooney, whose songs, sometimes humorous, sometimes moving, were mixed with insightful, witty comment" - New York Times


"A natural show-stopper and serious performer of rare skill." - San Francisco Examiner

Songs and stories of all kinds…

Funny songs # Nice old banjo tunes # Blues & Ragtime songs & tunes # Popular songs of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's # Sea songs & chanties # New songs of wit and wisdom (which I  find here & there -- I don't write songs) # Love songs # Work songs of all kinds # Cowboy songs # Lonesome hollers # Songs of science & academia # Songs for children & parents # Sing-alongs # Ancient ballads & folk songs of the English-speaking World # English, Scottish, Irish & Australian folk songs & tunes # Novelty songs of yesteryear # Maine humor # And much more.